Turn out your boring black hair clips into classy! 

Hi there! Have you ever thought of your old boring black hair clips? might not. so here it’s a scam for those clips to turn out into an amazing glittery and colorful clips from your favorite nail paint. All you need is your favorite nail paint 💅and that boring clips (huh!) so let’s get started!

Things you need:

  •  Black Hair clips
  • Nailpaints (glitter will be the best)
  • craft diamonds
  • Glue

And your magical hands! 👐         

Apply nail paint to the hairclip and let it dry. Again, apply clear nail paint or top coat to set the color.Now, add some accessories or craft diamonds on the bottom of the clip and let this dry to stick the accessories well. Ta-dah!! you are good to go! Your brand new hair clips are ready to flaunt. 


Launching My Own Online Store with wooplr.com!

Ever since I’ve started using social media, I was so much fascinated by Bloggers and Social media Influencers that how they bought their fashion sense into a public appearance by launching their own label and online stores. This influencer ship was always in my mind that yes I have to launch my own label and stuff! But every time I got stuck into questions that how I will build an attractive website, how to gain traffic and a lot more! I used to think about this every single moment. Ideas were in my mind but how to implement them I never know about this. 

But last Saturday I was going through my social media community and I get to know about Wooplr.com which allow us to start a website of your own! This is amazing! If you are wondering that how  this site works and how much I earn? Then mail me I’ll answer it to everyone! 

 My mail: Varshapurohit.2323@gmail.com

Skin Care cream for this winters.

Many people have skin care issues like dryness and dead skin. but these can be cure by just simple home remedies by making night cream using ingredients which are available at your home.

Glycerine Cream:

  1.  Mix One Tablespoon of Almond Oil and One Tablespoon of Coconut oil.
  2. Heat this oil mixture for a while and let it cool.
  3. Mix One Tablespoon of glycerine and rose water to the cooled oil mixture.
  4. Your Night cream is ready to use. Apply daily to your face, neck and hands to cure the dryness and see the Magic.
  5. Apply this cream regularly in the winters before going to your bed.

Revamp your Denim Shorts

For those of you who love experimenting with fashion and clothes, it’s a bit difficult to wear those boring clothes and especially when it comes to denim shorts. so here I have some simple DIY scams that will revamp your shorts and ready to set the trend.  I have five simple hacks for your old denim shorts to turn them exotic!

  • Tweeze the bottom of shorts with tweezers.
  • Accessorize with some pearls or artificial diamonds.
  • Customize with crochet lace and beads.
  • Add Studs or stud them.
  • Draw your creativity with acrylic paints on the pocket sides.